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Banned Books Are Increasing. Which books are Most Banned and Why?

Banned books are not new, but they have taken on new prominence in the escalating culture war that is endangering books focusing on racism, sexuality and gender identity  in  schools and public libraries.

The dramatic increase in the number of objectionable books over the past year, the escalation of censorship tactics, and the coordinated harassment of teachers and librarians have prompted attempts to ban books that regularly made newspaper headlines. 카지노사이트

Potential book banners argue that public library readers can still buy books they  no longer have access to, but  only  for those who can afford it.For many, especially children and young people, schools and public libraries are the only way to get access to literature.

Banned Books in the News

James Patterson’s Response to Book Removal: Martin County, Florida School District removed Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” Young Adult Series; from the school library. Patterson tweeted about the incident, calling out fans who found “the ill-advised book ban disturbing or confusing”; Write to Florida Gov. DeSantis who is waging an aggressive culture war. “If you want to ban this book,  no child under the age of 12 should see any of the Marvel movies,” Patterson said in an interview.

Republican of the House  of Representatives unveil “Parent Rights Bill”: Republicans across the country  focused on education issues, laying the groundwork for the 2024 presidential and then congressional elections, from DeSantis blocking a black history class in high schools to bills restricting LGBTQ education.

The Bill of Parents’ Rights would require all curricula, including any school library or school supplies, to be made public after protests from disaffected parents at schools giving lessons and then books on racism, sexual orientation and type. 

 “We have for freedom” tries to restrict books in Iowa: five Iowa moms, all members of the conservative organization Moms for Liberty; group filed a lawsuit with Iowa lawmakers in February over their efforts to remove or restrict “inappropriate” books in schools. For the sake of the Moms for Liberty, the governor Kim Reynolds is engaged to mettre fin “l’endoctrinement” dans les écoles publiques et à hold a législation qui donnerait aux Eltern plus de control sur les livres mis à la disposition des Pupils.

Department of Education  investigates removal of LGBTQ books from Texas schools: The removal of LGBTQ books from the  Granbury, Texas school district library is being investigated by the U.Department of Education Civil Rights Department following a complaint from the American Civil Liberties Union. 온라인카지노사이트

What is a Book Ban? 

 When a book has been successfully ‘banned’, this means that the book has been removed from school  and/or public library curricula because an individual or group has objected to its content. 

An attempt to delete a book  is called a challenge. Most  schools and public libraries have boards  of elected officials (or people appointed by elected officials) who have the power to remove books from the schools and libraries they oversee, based on another person’s often ideological or political objections.

Are banned books on the rise in the US?

Yes, the American Library Association (ALA) is monitoring challenges and bans across the country, and then the latest numbers are alarming. In 2021, the ALA had 729 book challenges targeting 1,597 titles. That’s more than double the number in 2020 and the most since the organization began collecting data in 2000.

What are the Top Banned Books?

A recent analysis by PEN America found that many of the books in question focused on communities of color, the history of racism in America, and LGBTQ characters. In fact, one in three books restricted by school districts last year contained LGBTQ themes or characters.

Who bans books in the US?

The books made  headlines last year when the Tennessee McMinn County School Board  voted 10-0 to remove Art Spiegelman’s vivid, Pulitzer Prize-winning  memoir Mouse, about his parents’ experiences with the Holocaust, from the program.

Since then, conservatives have widely pushed for the removal of some titles from schools and then libraries, in some cases with politicians at the helm, including:  a controversial ad featuring a mother opposing her teenage son being named “lover “ Toni Morrison is awarded. In April, outgoing Gov. Youngkin signed legislation requiring Virginia schools to notify parents if their children are allocated books with sexually explicit content.

Henry McMaster: The Republican governor of South Carolina  supported the school board’s decision to remove “Gender Queer,” calling the book “obscene.”

Ron DeSantis: The Republican governor of Florida has also been critical of gender queer, signing legislation this year  requiring schools to make all books and materials more transparent so parents can “inform.” 바카라사이트

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