Health Insurance: What features make Care Supreme a market differentiator?

Care health Insurance (previously Religare Health insurance) has launched Care Supreme health insurance plan with innovative features that intends to meet all the requirements of an insured person. 카지노사이트

Describing the USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of Care Supreme, Ajay Shah, Director and Head – Retail, Care Health Insurance, said, “It is integral for any sector to evolve and grow with the changing needs of its customers. With ‘Care Supreme’ we aim to address the same, and give our policyholders the liberty to redefine the value they get from their health cover. Under this plan, the policyholder gets access to world-class healthcare, with up to a 500 per cent increase in Sum Insured within the cumulative bonus Super, unlimited automatic recharge of Sum Insured to cover multiple hospitalisations for previously treated or new illnesses. Furthermore, the product also offers no sub-limits on treatments like AYUSH, Domiciliary hospitalisation, and even advanced treatments like robotic surgery and Organ Donor Treatment.”

“Additionally, the policy also ensures your fitness by giving unlimited access to Online Fitness & Wellness and Nutritionist sessions along with e-consultations. Under Care Supreme, one also enjoys the benefit of Zonal Premium which refers to paying a premium as per the city you live in. In more ways than one, this product would enable the insured to stay worry-free for the future,” he added. 안전한카지노사이트

Describing how Care Supreme caters to the needs of the consumers, Shah said, “Customers now expect comprehensive Health Insurance policies that can take care of their customised needs. The focus of this product is to make our consumer better prepared for future health emergencies while focusing on their current overall wellness. Care Supreme ensures a sufficient Sum Insured is offered to customers along with a cumulative bonus super feature that provides up to 500 per cent increase in Sum Insured; thus enhancing their coverage while keeping no sub-limits on treatments, and also allowing the insured to take suitable preventive health measures like e-consultation with a wide range of nutritionists, dieticians & wellness coaches. Therefore, the product includes not only hospitalisation and pre/post hospitalisation care; but also provides preventive healthcare by ensuring its customers maintain good fitness levels.”

“To further strengthen its offering, Care Health Insurance is also offering discounts of up to 30 per cent on renewal premium and the option to pay the premium as per the city that the customer resides in. The aim is not only to encourage one to work harder towards achieving their fitness goals but also to reward them for the same,” he added.

Special Features
Comparing the features of Care Supreme with other health insurance plans, Shah said, “With Care Health Insurance’s operating philosophy being based on the principal tenet of ‘consumer-centricity’, the company has consistently invested in the effective application of technology to deliver excellence in customer servicing, product innovation, and value-for-money offerings.” 카지노사이트 추천

“Along with financial security to the policyholder, the objective of Care Supreme is to ensure that if required, they have access to sufficient Sum Insured by giving up to a 500 per cent increase in the same with NCB super. Access to best available treatment, incentive for being fit via unlimited access to Online Fitness, Wellness and Nutritionist sessions, e-consultations and coverage for 60 days of pre-hospitalisation and 180 days of post-hospitalisation for all insured members are some of the thoughtful features of this product,” he added.

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