Lights, camera, action! Discover the future of entertainment marketing on TikTok

In a time of massive growth and transformation for the entertainment industry, TikTok has become the ultimate ally for entertainment marketers who want to connect with new audiences and convert them into fans. The TikTok community engages in a unique cycle of content discovery, co-creation and sharing that makes an authentic emotional impact—and drives impressive marketing results. Pioneering entertainment studios have become part of this virtuous cycle of fan engagement and are amplifying their stories throughout TikTok’s diverse, highly active audience around the world. But don’t just take our word for it, check out thisarticle from Deadlineand read on! 카지노사이트

Connecting with fans through community-generated entertainment
Fandom has been freed from its constraints on TikTok, where co-creation and curation fuel communities, as fans celebrate their passions together. Authenticity is a cultural mainstay and everyone’s in on the fun. TikTok is entertainment that connects. We like to think of this as “community-generated entertainment” (CGE), as compared to “user-generated content” (UGC), which can feel individualistic or impersonal.

TikTok’s CGE is the opposite: community-driven, authentic, co-created and curated. This creates huge opportunities for entertainment studios to connect with audiences. Whether fans want to recap an episode, theorize about character motives or recreate their favorite scenes, TikTok is primed for entertainment. And co-creation has the power to convert audiences into fans at scale, as the stories they love become cultural touchstones around the world.

“What’s exciting is TikTok has become the TV experience for Gen Z, Millennials and beyond,” said Creed Pettit, Team Lead – Media & Entertainment, TikTok. “Culture and entertainment starts on TikTok, which drives user participation and engagement.”

Discover, co-create & share: A virtuous cycle of fan engagement
TikTok recently partnered with boutique research firm GoodQues to uncover insights around TikTok’s ability to create a virtuous cycle of fan engagement with entertainment content through discovery, co-creation and sharing. We call this cycle the TikTok Entertainment Engine. According to their research, 52% of TikTokers have discovered a new actor, movie or show on TikTok.1 They also extend their viewing experience by watching co-created content relating to shows or movies, with 69% of TikTokers having done just that.2 And to complete the cycle, 1 in 4 TikTokers have discovered then shared about content on the platform. 안전한카지노사이트

Inspire, empower and amplify entertainment content through co-creation
Co-creation is essential for entertainment studios that want to create a virtuous cycle of engagement with their fans on TikTok. Brands can inspire action through organic content, empower the TikTok community and creators to be their authentic voice, and amplify the stories fans love by inviting co-creation. And our users are hungry for more; 58% say that they are interested or very interested in seeing more content from entertainment studios on TikTok, according to GoodQues.

This makes TikTok an invaluable partner in today’s entertainment marketing landscape. Fans are searching for identity and emotional connections. They want personalized experiences, and they want to play a role in the stories they love. TikTok answers those needs authentically with community-driven, curated, authentic and co-created content experiences. TikTokers discover and then act—and entertainment marketers who join the fun are reaping big rewards across the funnel.

MGM Studios and United Artists Releasing recently teamed up with TikTok and leading star Lady Gaga for the theatrical release of MGM’s “House of Gucci.” Timed for the premiere, Lady Gaga joined TikTok, generating incredible buzz on the platform and sparking fan co-creation around the film. MGM/UAR also leveraged TikTok’s TopView, One Day Max and Auction In-Feed Ad placements (also featuring Lady Gaga), resulting in more than 150 million impressions across the platform.

For MGM’s historic James Bond franchise, the “No Time To Die” campaign also combined the power of TikTok’s TopView, One Day Max and Auction In-Feed Ad placements. MGM/UAR’s content strategically featured visually grabbing creative and high action from up top, garnering over 180 million impressions. 카지노사이트 추천

“Nowhere but TikTok can you invite the masses to co-create, re-create and truly be a part of your content,” said Edvin Dapcevic, Team Lead – Media & Entertainment, TikTok. “Open the door to imagination, and you’ll see firsthand how the TikTok community drives your title’s engagement, resonance, and ultimately viewership.”

Welcome to the future of entertainment marketing. We’re just getting started and there’s lot’s more to come here! Check out the video below to see the full Future of Entertainment Marketing report and stay tuned for more! (Spoiler Alert: Features more executive thought leadership from Universal Pictures, MGM/UAR, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Tubi. Stay tuned for more!)

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